Vive La Revolution
Nicolas Appert lustrum 2022


On the 1st of October 2022 from 9:00 - 18:00, the Lustrum Food Symposium of study association Nicolas Appert will be organized in Omnia, the newest building on the Wageningen campus. During this eventful day which is open for everyone, various guest speakers will share their stories related to the symposium theme, reFOODlution: the past and present of food as foundation of the future.
The speakers are as followed:

Guido Sala - Wageningen University and Research
Bram Dekkers - FrieslandCampina
André Pots - Unilever
Birgit Dekkers - Rival Foods
Peter Nieuwkerk - Gastronology
Edgar Suarez Garcia - FUMI Ingredients
Cristina Prat - FULFoods

The symposium will also be home to a myriad of workshops that offer the possibility to open debate about certain current food topics or aim to help in personal development (Yor-in, Ynsect, PectCof, Fermentations), and the company market presents the opportunity to network with food companies and ask any questions related to their line of work (Upfield, Marel, Nutrilab, Yor-In).

Download the Program Booklet here!
Booklet reFOODlution.pdf (6.27MB)
Download the Program Booklet here!
Booklet reFOODlution.pdf (6.27MB)