Vive La Revolution
Nicolas Appert lustrum 2022

Prom (23-09-2022)

On the 23rd of September we will kick of the 12th Lustrum of study association Nicolas Appert with a prom night. During this event we will go to an exclusive location were we can party all night. Drinks, snacks and transport are included! During the prom we will get a performance of the one and only GutenNAband, So be sure to buy your tickets!

(24-09-2022) Brunch in the park


The day after the prom, a brunch in the park will be organised. Here you can share your stories of last nights prom with each other and enjoy a delicious french brunch. The goodie bag and the lustrum sweaters will also be handed out during this carefree activity.

Activité de Dégustation (26-09-2022)

We will kick of the week with the exciting Activité de Dégustation. During this activity the wine will flow lavishly and a sommelier will give a presentation about the wines that you will be drinking this night. Complementary food will also be provided that will will combine nicely with the beverages that you will consume.

(27-09-2022) Lustrum Almanac Reveal

The Almanac committee of Nicolas Appert is already  busy for quite some time to put the lustrum almanac together. Before the reveal will happen, a small activity is organised exclusively for participants of the Nicolas Appert lustrum.

Lustrum Department Day (29-09-2022)

On this day a normal Department drink will be organised were all the members of Nicolas Appert and everyone from the food departments is welcome! After the drink has ended, an exclusive activity will be organised for all the NA Lustrum ticket holders and for the staff of the departments of FQD, FHM, FPE, FPH, and FCH. What will we do? We will keep that a secret a little longer ;)

(01-10-2022) Symposium reFOODlution

On this Saturday the one and only symposium: reFOODlution, The past and present of food as foundation of the future, will be organised. This activity is open for everybody as long as you have a ticket that gives access. A package will give you access already. If you want more information, be sure to check the Symposium tab on this site!

DUPP Alumni Dinner (01-10-2022)

On the evening after the symposium has ended, a alumni dinner will be held. This activity is exclusively for old NA members and will be the perfect moment to catch up with old study mates. Food and drinks are included in the evening and there will even be some entertainment planned.

(02-10-2022) Tour de Boer

On this (hopefully) sunny Sunday, we will organise our one and only Tour du Boer! Just as they have during the Tour du France you will need a bike for this activity. Because we will go biking! We have planned a route for you that goes by some nice locations in and around Wageningen for workshops and tastings, such as a brewer, a small pig farm and a beekeeper. We will also provide a lunch basket to keep you happy and satiated during the biking trip!

Soirée Doublée (04-10-2022)

We are getting close to the end of an amazing lustrum right around this activity. Thats why we will do something easy and relaxing to wind off a little. During this split evening, two activities are organised at the same time where you will both participate in, namely karaoke and lasergaming. If you have the worst aim ever and you do not really like singing, don't worry! There is always the option to enjoy a nice drink at the location. There is something for everyone!

(06-10-2022) End party

It's already the last day of a amazing lustrum on this day, so we would like to go out with a bang! There will be a big party in Wageningen that everybody can attend! The beer will flow by the litre and fun will be guaranteed! There will also be a performance of a DJ who you don't want to miss. So be there or be square!