Vive La Revolution
Nicolas Appert lustrum 2022

Famous French food technologists like Louis Pasteur and Nicolas Appert enriched us with their revolutionary ideas that changed the way we preserve and interact with food products. In our current age these techniques seem basic compared to techniques like freeze drying, but these food technologist were the basis of our current knowledge. To honour the 200th birthday of Louis Pasteur, and all the other French revolutionaries the theme of the 12th lustrum of  study association Nicolas Appert is:


The 12th lustrum of Nicolas Appert will take place from the 23rd of September until the 6th of October 2022

Meet the faces behind the 12th lustrum of Nicolas Appert:

From left to right:

Eric Hanssen -  Truc Le - Job Esink - Rosa Slingerland - Charlotte Reemeijer - Job Smetsers

Be sure to mark these dates in your personal agenda : 

Activity agenda

Start of the Nicolas Appert Lustrum


These 2 weeks will be packed with loads of activities, ranging from casual to educational ones.

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