Nicolas Appert Lustrum

Nicolas Appert is the study association for all food science studies of Wageningen University. It is an active association with more than 800 members. The association was founded on the 6th of September in 1962, which means that our association will turn 60 years old next year. We will therefore celebrate our 12th Lustrum in September 2022 with two weeks full of activities.

On this website we will keep you updated with all the current information regarding our Lustrum. Take a look already at the activities that are taking place. Of course we hope to see you during our festive activities and at our theme reveal party in November!

-The Lustrum Board-

Be sure to mark these dates in your personal agenda : 

Activity agenda

Theme Reveal Party
On this date we will reveal the theme of the 12th Nicolas Appert Lustrum. Location to be announced.   Meer
Pre-Lustrum Activity
Let's hype things up a few months before the actual Lustrum starts!   Meer
Start of the Nicolas Appert Lustrum
These 2 weeks will be packed with loads of activities, ranging from casual to educational ones.    Meer
End of the Nicolas Appert Lustrum
This will be the final day of the festivities.   Meer

Meet the faces behind the 12th lustrum of Nicolas Appert:

From left to right:

Rosa Slingerland - Job Esink - Truc Le - Charlotte Reemeijer - Eric Hanssen - Job Smetsers

Do you want more information on our association? Visit the official Nicolas Appert Website:

NIcolas Appert Website

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